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Cylindrical Stone Lamp

Cylindrical Stone Lamp

SKU: 00066

3 Inches D * 13 Inches H

  • Details

    All products do not include a bulb or lighting fixtures. Please contact for a quote.  

    Please note: All products are carved and finished by hand from onyx boulders. Each piece is unique item, stones may vary in gauging, coloration, shading, markings and textures. All these characteristics add to the uniqueness of the stone. Natural stones may have fissures that have been filled with an epoxy resin at the quarry or at the fabrication shop. Onyx contains natural characteristics throughout the boulder, such as;
    ‐ Color, pattern, and particulate variation within the same stone.
    ‐ Fissures or hairline crevasses which may look like cracks
    ‐ Pits or air gaps created during rock formation.
    ‐ Inclusions or clusters of material deposits of any color created during rock formation
    ‐ Water lines, blemishes and dull spots
    These are not flaws or defects and will not impair the function and durability of the material.

    Returns Not Accepted.

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